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However, there is no guarant Accessories/Optional Accessory Accessories Check you have all the items shown. 9) Please contact your nearest Panasonic dealer to purchase the recommended Optional Accessory wall-hanging bracket. Blu-ray Disc player Connecting to HDMI terminals will enable you to enjoy high-definition digital images and high-quality sound. Typical when a Cable/Satellite box i First Time Setup (Continued) Select the Input labels (Label inputs) Select NEXT then press OK to go to next step.

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Accessories Remote Control Batteries for the AC cord Transmitter Remote Control N2QAYB000485 Transmitter (2) AA Battery Pedestal TBLX0134 (TC-P42C2) Operating Instructions TBLX0135 ( TC-P46C2, TC-P50C2) VIERA Concierge and Quick start guide Product Registration Card (U. For Quick Start Accessories/Optional Accessory Guide Attaching the pedestal to TV ■Assembling the pedestal A Fix securely with assembly screws . A Accessories Pole Assembly screws R (4 of each) A L Pole XYN5 F18FN M5 × 18 (Silver) Front B THEL078N (for 42”) Base THEL080N (for 46”/50”) (Image: TBLX0135) M5 × 30 (Black) Poles (2) ■Set-up Carry out work on a horizontal and level surface. Bottom view B L or R is print Accessories/Optional Accessory (Continued) AC cord connection To attach To remove Keep pushing both sides until they snap Insert it firmly until the and pull. Reference of connection Antenna terminal Pin terminals HDMI terminal red blue green green Match colors of plugs and terminals. The HDMI connection is required for a 1080p signal. Blu-r Label inputs Step 5 of 6 Video 2 GA GA select HDMI 1 NEXT or HDMI 2 Component 1 set 1 @.

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Panasonic Viera TC-P42C2 Operating Instructions Manual

TM For “VIERA Link connections”, please refer to p. To use COMPONENT terminals Y red green green PB COMPONENT VIDEO OUT blue blue blue AV Equipment PR red red green e.g. 2 ABC 3 DEF Component 2 OK 4 GHI 5 JKL 6MNO Video 1 7PQRS 8 TUV 9WXYZ Select Video 2 RETURN LAST 0 - , Blu-ray, DVD ... 2 3 Select ABC DEF Follow the instructions on Edit 4 GHI 5 JKL 6MNO Press RIGHT to select a label for each input.

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Bl Quick Start Identifying Controls Guide Basic Connection (AV cable connections) Identifying Controls TV controls/indicators Front of the TV Back of the TV SD card slot Selects channels in sequence Volume up/down Displays the Main menu Remote control POWER sensor within about Changes the input button Video Input 2 connector 23 feet (7 meters) in mode front of the TV set Chooses menu and submenu entries Power indicator (on: red, off: no light) C. Change 7PQR Quick Start Watching TV Viewing Guide First Time Setup Watching TV Basic connection (p.

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