Super bark free pro series manual


The selector can be used for hh ultra-sonic sound frequencies, which can only be heard by your dog, or lower sound tones that is also audible to the human ear.

Super Bark-Free PRO Bark Stop Device, 30 Ft Range - Safe Home.

The best place to locate the Bark Free system is slhtly above and facing the dogs.

Lentek <strong>Super</strong> <strong>Bark</strong> <strong>Free</strong> <strong>Pro</strong> <strong>Series</strong> Dog Training.

Bark Free PRO - Lentek Easytek New Zealand

Control barking dogs safely and humanely with our automatic indoor/ outdoor bark trainer. Lentek Bark Free® is a humane and effective way to help cure your pets behavioral problems.

Lentek Super Bark Free Pro Series Dog Training.

Lentek® Bark Free trains your dog or new puppy not to bark. When placing near the nehbor's or your own dog, Bark Free is desned to turn on automatiy when barking occurs.

Super bark free pro series manual:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 97 Rates