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Manuale d'Amore 3. Las edades del amor - Película 2011.

) was a late 14th century knight, diplomat, and itinerant fencing master.

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He was born in Cividale del Friuli, a town in the Patriarchal State of Aquileia (in the Friuli region of modern-day Italy), the son of Benedetto and scion of a Liberi house of Premariacco.

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The term Liberi, while potentially merely a surname, more probably indicates that his family had Imperial immediacy (Reichsunmittelbarkeit), either as part of the nobili liberi (Edelfrei, "free nobles"), the Germanic unindentured knightly class which formed the lower tier of nobility in the Middle Ages, or possibly of the rising class of Imperial Free Knights.


He had ample opportunity to interact with both, being born in the Holy Roman Empire and later traveling widely in the northern Italian states.

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