Freightliner manual heater shutoff valve

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I've got this stubborn coolant leak that I've been fixing and dealing with for about 3 years.

Chevrolet Truck Heater Control Valve - AutoZone

**picture attached, blue hose** I'll fix it and it'll be fine for months maybe a year then slowly it'll start back seeping and weeping just a bit.

<strong>Heater</strong> Control <strong>Valve</strong> - Follow up video showing main seal in close-up.

Section V Illustrated Heater Valves & Heater Fittings

I just put this new hose on and three days later it's seeping a bit.

Operator's manual - Peterbilt

-it's a bad design to me, the spot where the hose attaches to the T fitting is THREADED: so I'm clamping a hose onto threads.

Freightliner manual heater shutoff valve:

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