Freightliner manual heater shutoff valve

NUMBER 1 02–09 S. M. REF. Listed in Table ENGINE EPA07.

I have a 2006 thomas 44 passenger school bus that blows air like the wind but there is not a bit of heat in the back of the bus.

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The front is toasty and the defrost works but the kids in the back are not comfortable as there is no heat blowing out just air. I have checked the heater hot and cold switch, changed that, the motor on the bottom of it rotates so that was not it but the midship heater heats a little but in the back there is no heat at all.

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The hoses are all good and not crimped but the hose that leaves the front heater goes underneath the floor, is this the only way to check that.

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I unhooked the back heater and checked the lines and it still does not circulate after the first heater. If so how do you get the air out of the hose, there is a block on the front that has a purge valve from when it was new I opened that and left the cap off the holding tank and drove it hoping it would push air through the hose but it did not if that was even the problem. Supposedly there is an inch hose that goes into the front heater but the heater is cut down to half inch copper and supposedly everything has to go through the front heater before it can reach the middle and back.

Freightliner manual heater shutoff valve:

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