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Vista never supported analgue video capture with Ulead v10 and it would surprise me if Win7 now did. Cedocida have some trouble with Amarec TV (the record stop with some seconds or minutes capture). One tip: In Amarec TV "card options" select Deinterlaced, on Record tab, check "Filters on". I have the same Easy Cap cable and crapware bundle and essentially the same issue(s) as Majora.

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Ulead does offer various patches but these are only available for full versions of the program. If you want to try something that uses a bit more compression, Ama Rec TV allows the use of Cedocida DV, if it is installed. Regrettably, I am illiterate when it comes to the cal side of video.

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Hi, I'm using Videostudio SE DVD that came with my Easy CAP, when I record everything is perfect in the preview, but when I watch the video in Windows Media Player when I'm done, the video I recorded is about 1.5x faster. If you think the problem is with Ulead then I would suggest that you put your question at the dedicated forum accessed from the Corel site.

Ulead Videostudio SE 10 - Solve device problem

When I watch the video in Videostudio, it plays faster as well, so WMP is not the problem. The version of Ulead shipped with these easycaps is very old - v8 or v10 IIRC - which were around when Win7 was but a dream.

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