Walkera 4 3b manual download

Walkera 4#3B & CB100 Helicopter – Standard & Beginner.

Got my Q today, here's my take and pictures: Only thing wrong from the factory was the tail rotor gear was installed backwards, rotor and motor gears were not meshing.

Walkera 4#3Q - RC Groups

Looks cool, flies a little more sluggish than my stock 4#3Bs side to side, front/back motion nearly the same, not much difference in climb-out (but I have it a little lighter than stock, see below).

<em>Walkera</em> 4#3Q - RC Groups

Manual Download -

It's way louder than the 4#3B, servos are real loud and the fuselage acts as an echo chamber.

Walkera 4#3 4#3A 4#3B 4#3Q Parts - Chinese jade

Main blades are wider and a little longer than the 4#3AB, tail blade is the same size as the 4G3 but has the pins to fit the ABQ tail gear.

Walkera 4 3b manual download:

Rating: 98 / 100

Overall: 92 Rates