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I recently had an interesting question – a reader asked what could cause a Fujitsu mini-split air conditioner to cause the air to become *more* humid.

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In fact, they noted that the air became hy moisture laden and the house was just yucky humid.

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I really scratched my head on this one because, from a physics standpoint, under “normal” conditions, this is impossible with a mini-split. Because a mini-split system has an air handler unit in the house with the only connection to the outside (and outdoor humidity) is through a small hole in the wall where the electrical and refrerant lines run. The questioner noted that multiple units were involved and that various parts of the electronics had been changed, and yet the problem persisted. In fact, I had worked with an associate, helping them to track down this exact problem.

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He noted that he’d heard of a number of other people with the same problem. While I can’t state with 100% certainty that the problems were the same, the symptoms are the same.

Fujitsu heater remote control manual:

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